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Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

A. meaning Sosiometri

Sosiometri is a tool to examine the social structure of a group of individuals

with a basic review of the social relationships and social status of each

members of the group in question.

sosiometri uses within the scope of the school is to examine patterns of social relations of a class.

B. usefulness Sosiometri

Sosiometri can be used to:

A. Improving human relations.

2. Determine the working group

3. Examining a person's ability to lead individuals in certain groups for certain activities.

4. Knowing how social relations / friends of an individual with other individuals.

5. Attempt to identify the adjustment problems of an individual in a particular social group.

6. Find individuals which received / rejected in a particular social group.

C.Langkah steps to make sosiometri

aalah steps as follows:

A. prepare questionnaires sosiometri / blank fields sosiometri, more details, see below

2. filling the questionnaire sosiometri / blank sosiometri on the desired class

3. make the analysis sosiometri

4. create a sociogram, is now easier to use application
Sociogram guidelines and download the book here

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